Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 Days To Go

Will it be ok? 12 more days to go before this trip and I’m still worried as to how things will pan out. Tell me how do I enthuse on this trip when I’ve got these to think of??

(a) The RnD team. I’ve told you before how I got into disputes via e-mail at work due to my punctiliousness in English translations of texts in our phones and manuals. Yes, it’s part of my job and I love doing it. Sometimes I feel like this is the ultimate realization of my passion for the said language ever since I came to school. I once received this email saying that “We Koreans also studied English for six years…..” when they wouldn’t budge on my grammar corrections. O, don’t give me that look as though I tramples and insulted their proficiency. Trust me; I did it in my most winsome professional way. And the thought of meeting them just makes my inside shrivel up. Imagine, I’ve sent them requests over and over again to change the texts. I don’t think they’re that mad at me.

(b) The Global Conference. I must say, excelling before was a piece of cake due to the experience + English fluency + “looks” factor. Yes, the last one definitely has to be added. Wahaha!! But this time it’s different. Attendees this time doesn’t just involve South East Asia (SEA) but European counterparts as well whom I haven’t had exchange of correspondences to begin with. Well, since it involves production floor visits maybe I’ll just capitalize on my factory experience before at Intel. And let us not forget the “looks” factor also. Wahaha!! I think I can still do it. Aja!

(c) The Korean delicacies. I’ve been to Korean restau only once and again like what was narrated, I only found “beef” to be the edible food in the table. I love veggies and spices but I’m still not sure on those leafy thing dipped into different kinds of spices. My boss advised me not to be choosy on foods to pay respect as visitors which is what I do intend to do naman even before. I still haven’t done something on my chopsticks skill, boo!! So can I just load on that famous “Jamppong”? Wahaha!! Hmm, I don’t think why I even consider this a worry when in fact it can be helpful in my diet. Right? Haha. Positive side. =P

(d) Drinking bouts. You know me guys, the quintessential good girl. I don’t hate alcohol. It’s just that I never developed a taste for it. Ever since he found out, my boss told me to be accustomed to Koreans on this habit of them coz however canny and sly I may be I can’t escape it in Korea. (Read here for my Davao es-ka-pe) In fact, he even asked me to start drinking little by little each day. But I still don’t want to get plastered on a foreign place so I already connived with Lawrence about this. Aaah Lawrence, he’s one of the reasons why I look forward on this trip. And now that I mention him, allow me to narrate something. I mean, what would this guy do without me? Haha. He only learned the trip from me on that night that the announcement came. Apparently, the invitation got buried from his millions of email. He even asked me to re-send it. Anyhoo, he said that we’ll work it out when we’re there. One of the devise he schemed is to tell them counterparts that we’re going out on a date. Would you believe it? Haha. The fact that he mentioned it means……..means…….there is a possibility. Right? Kilig. Haha!! Ok, back to drinking. My indigenous talents are once again challenged on this (e.g exchanging singing on stage for beer, acting drunk to avoid the drink..) Maybe I'll try dancing this time, good luck to me. Haha!!

There. Lots of maybes. I don’t know what’s in store for me. But I’m still anticipating especially on this one topic that I won’t include on this post because it will take me more than two sentences to elaborate. In fact, I can wax poetry about it all night. Haha! And if you still haven’t guessed, then you definitely don’t know me yet. It’s about winter fashion dude! =P Yeeha!! That will be for the next attraction. Ü Ü Ü

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