Monday, December 03, 2007

The 7-Month Permafrost

Below lists some common things to happen when you meet up with ex co-employees (aka true friends);)

- Stop in your tracks when during a conversation the word “Die Prep” was mentioned. Ignore the tintinnabulation going on in your head and utter “Hey, that’s a new word.” :)
- Get startled over a message tone that suggests company loyalty while dining. Pause from eating and make an antic about it. Employee (aka Allen) apologizes for the tone: a message tone you once wanted for yourself three years ago. Tsk!
- Tell a story about how you once embarrassingly asked a previous teammate/friend on the meaning of a jargon over YM (Ronald, remember FM?). Continue with your story but halt for a while to ask something, “Allen, ano nga ulit tawag kila J*** Tensuan, R** Ad*****….?”
- Be flattered as to how after some months, memories of you are being kept alive to incoming employees. Can’t help but feel like a LEGEND, an URBAN legend that is. *LOLS* With Mike’s rejoinder “Grabe, bilib ako sa lingering powers mo!” Wahaha.
- Decipher the persons involved for increased number of views in your blog. (Huli kayo Rina, Ronald..Is Herry included? Where were you last Friday? )
- Commend faithful employees’(aka Allen and Sam) efforts for keeping in shape despite of the company’s proven effect to its workforce. (Click on this for better understanding.)
- Recall many happy moments one of which is how the 3 of you solely occupied the whole theatre of Robinsons Dasma in watching the last full show of Pride and Prejudice. =P
- Understand how shocked one can get over the excited buzz of people milling about the mall. (Allen, we’re in a tiangge and it’s Christmas time remember? ;)
- Meet an ex-employee (aka IT support) while checking on coats in the mall and get completely lost in recalling his name.
- Dumbfounded as to how barely 3 hours of being with them “loyalties”, you suddenly remembered terms like CRMS, SPC++, SC blah blah blah.. Haha!

Hmm..these are very promising instances. I truly recommend this kind of meeting for delinquent employees like me. Haha!

God, it has been 7 months. I truly missed them. It was refreshing touching base with them again and hearing from everyone back there. Any topic back at work can be included, except for one: previous bosses. Wahaha!! Some things may be forgotten but never are the memories and friendships shared. ‘Til next Sam and Allen, sana wedding na. ;-)

Sam and Allen

Miss ya Allen.. ;)

4 of us @ Bangus Greenhills

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