Saturday, July 28, 2007

An Engineer's Worth of Data

Because I totally miss doing this back at my previous job, allow me to present to you my half-year data analysis. Tada!

Yes. I used to publish weekly data in this format back at Intel. My data then was manually extracted from the production floor and plans on automating it were already on their way when I left. And it’s true what Roy said in a testimonial in Friendster, I used to make the most colorful presentations during the staff meeting. ^_^

The template above is my most commonly used format. Intel style on charts is providing highlights and lowlights on your data. So say my target is at least 12 posts per month, that is 4 posts per week, thenthe chart shows that I’m 33% (2/6) on the average. And that’s considered to be poor CSI.** Usually, the next slide will contain the RC Analysis and last will be the CIPs and CAs on the current scenario. And but of course for this post I don’t have to do that. =P

That's how useful charts are. It can make you realize somethings that are not obvious when you just merely look at the data in its raw form. Of course, we all know that. Gibberish! So what I'm saying is go ahead and figure out what particular data in your life that you can analyze and reflect on. As for me, I think I need to sit down and deal with my finances for the half year. Gosh!!

**CSI - Critical Success Indicators
**RC - Root Cause
**CIP - Continuous Improvement Plan
**CA - Corrective Actions


Nivek said...

So what is the root cause? I believe it is related to your shopping trips... you shop more, buy more, and post about it more. Am I right?

kCNeSs said... posting about it more is included in the root cause?

well, maybe that can be one cause.. =))