Monday, July 30, 2007

Hobnobbing @ Samsung Mobile Hits Party

Jupiter St., Makati City. Samsung held an event entitled HitStop Party @ Fiamma Bar for the launch of their music phones: F300, X830 and E740. The party is themed Hip-Hop/RnB as patterned from their famous endorser Beyonce Knowles. I reckon this is more of my thang, so to make up for my last event’s sloppiness:

ain't hiphop/rnb enough eh?

Everybody got shocked with what I wore for the night specially our Korean VP. They kept on saying they didn’t recognize me. Sigh, I didn’t think my officemates know yet what I’m capable of. Tsk! Haha! I just hope that next time I won’t hear anymore of this line from our managers. “Dapat si KC na lang ang pumalit sa mga models eh!” Geese!

are they serious i can replace them?

Mark this my first night to order vodka-sprite on a bar. Heard it right, it’s purely on my will and no one coerced me to. It just so happened that I was momentarily left alone and I suddenly remembered this advice in Cosmo to always have a drink on your hand just like a flash bulb moment. I slomped myself on the bar and was half-way sloshing my drink when I turned to my left and noticed a photographer aiming his lens at me. But of course, it has been an instinct for me to pose whenever a camera is aimed at me so there! Yay! Haha. I’m not sure if the outfit or the drink did the wonders but I don’t think one glass would be bad during these. Oh God I’m starting to become an alcoholic! :{

Em & I

Aaah, to socialize:

--> Remember the designer Leah Puyat? I met her again that night. She was late for the event; the fashion show has just ended. I felt quite compelled to welcome her for the kindness and friendliness she showed me during the Ultra II Launch so I decided to talk to her. I was expecting to remind her of who I am but blow me down! She sure has one good memory. Maybe not my name but she knows I’m the “engineer”. Crikey! I hope to see her more in our events.

--> Finally met my cam whore buddy for this kind of events. Meet Tytana our new employee. The event was her first time and it’s but natural to feel overwhelmed with the guests. I can relate to her coz I’m still not so over that feeling. :) We totally hit it off that night. Ain’t it obvious in the pix below? ;)

our fair share of the posing board =P

damn that red strobe on my nose, hmph!

--> Got introduced to Formula 3 racer/ commercial model Gaby dela Merced. It’s been weeks now that Raine gave me her number for some complaints on the phone but I’ve been hesitating to call her. I mean, she’s no nobody, right? She’s a celebrity for cryin’ out loud! That night, she showed me some concerns on her phone and explained to her the possible fault. Well, she’s a real charming lady after all! :)

we're friends now, haha!

--> Shared a table also with editors from ABS-CBN's publishing (sorry i forgot their name) whom I noticed been frequenting our events. I sense a prickle of intrigue to their question “So, where does KC work for?” to which I felt a slight apprehension in Ma’am Fe’s response “She’s part of our group.” I just hope she said I’m from the technical group coz more than anything else, that’s what sets aside my fashionable outfit from theirs. =P (I mean, I will always have an excuse if ever my dresses doesn't meet their expectations on the next events, right?) She should’ve said it.

Those were some memorable points that night. I know I said before I didn’t wanna socialize with these people. But like what Raine pointed out on the event, it has become part of the job now. And you know what? I had so much fun doing it. For a moment I even thought I was born to do it. Haha! =)) And in retrospect, I wouldn’t mind being called someone from the marketing. But maybe not now. Yay! Yay! Yay!

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