Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Memory of Casper

May has been a busy yet blissful month for me. It could’ve been perfect except for the death of our Lab Casper. And so as not to spoil the happy posts here, I decided to make an entry a month later. The hypothesized death due to the scorching temperature was proven after followed by the demise of our neighbor’s Lab as well as Timmy’s pitbull. My golly, what has happened to our ozone layer?

Casper, you will always be special to me. You know how I favor little “portable” dogs over big breeds because they’re so lovable but you proved me wrong. With your meekness and gentleness, you taught me that size and fluffiness doesn’t matter. =)

we'll see each other in Paradise ;)

1 comment:

Nivek said...

Oh he is such a good looking dog... I'm so sorry. But remember he is up in doggie heaven right now running, jumping, and smelling all the butts he wants.