Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Stand Corrected

Yesterday, I got down the jeepney without paying my fare. My mind was gripped onto something so when I heard the driver’s innuendo upon stepping down, I realized my negligence, approached the driver and paid my due.

It’s not that late to correct my mistake.

That something was about the current situation inside PBB’s house. In every conflict, there are two principles that I always uphold: (1) There are always two sides to every story and that (2) there’s always a good in every person.

With Wendy vs. Gee/Bea’s issue, I would like to take on Mickey’s side. Neutral. And I’m not putting my money anymore on Wendy as I got dismayed by her actions. (Poor Bruce, you totally sacrificed your family for someone who’s so unworthy.) But I’m not telling that she’s a totally bad person. The only reason in my POV why she’s really disappointed and hurt somehow with what happened is that she’s quite expecting the two to be more on the girls’ side. (Remember how she voted for the boys when all girls were chosen in the previous nomination?) And maybe it’s true that she poured her heart out so much to Gee Ann and tried so hard to reach her. I mean, come on, with her history, that’s the only thing she can rely on, friendship and other intangible things.

When it comes to money it’s already given that she wants the prize and claims that she’s being true about it. But being true doesn’t mean nagging, bullying and throwing her weight around (not to mention bad-mouthing one’s character) when you’re mad. Being a woman, I know how it is when we’re hurt. It’s true that “hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” But Wendy has already reached her limit. Some people appreciate her being frank and forthright (which they claim are the criteria for winning) but what about values? What about control? I think our culture values consideration, politeness and tact much more than basic honesty.

But then again there’s a very fine line between being polite and insincerity which I myself am not an authority to babble about. All I know is that I can relate to both Gee and Wendy. And that only God knows the heart’s desires and motives.

It’s really interesting to analyze human’s complex behavior. I wish Joy’s here. She’s the best when it comes to these things being a BS Psycho graduate. But I can’t relate to her much the details in chat. :(

I’m ending this post by going back to my third sentence. It’s not yet late to correct our mistakes and make amends with the people we hurt. I hope both parties get to bury the hatchet and carry on with their lives. Whoever said this would be easy?

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