Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Shopaholic's Diary

Half day work on a Saturday** finds me in the afternoon inside the mall EARLIER THAN USUAL. (Ok, THAT's the diff since before I use to leave the house at around 2 PM.) Just so you know, I’ve been trying hard to resist the temptation of strolling Greenhills mall right infront of the office just to save me from having another shopping haven.

And that same Saturday was my second day for registering in Smart’s Unli texting using a company service unit that is not yet out in the market. (How cool can I be? ;) Would you believe the last time I did that Unli was like eons ago, hehe. (And we’re seriously talking about years here.) So there I was blissfully texting 5 persons at a time (3 of which are my boylets, haha!) while roaming around SM Manila. Before long, I found myself fitting a tube in Human and handing it to the cashier while talking to a former officemate. Ten minutes after, I was pressing my pin for payment of a bag and flat sandals in a shoe salon reading my phone “Sure po. Yun lang pala e. Pleasure is mine, princess :)” After which I was withdrawing for cash transaction in the 2nd floor while typing on my phone “Forever na taung ganito. Luis and Anne, hehe..”

The next thing I know I felt burdened by the four paper bags on my left hand while holding my cellphone on the other.

So I slowed down, put my phone back to my bag, calculated in my head how much I consumed for all these items. I don’t wanna tell the exact figure but the estimate I got just “shocked me, stunned me, knocked the wind out of me and everything else to that effect.”

All in just a span of 1.5 hours. Pretty quick, huh?

I don’t know if it’s just the confusion in texting or the kilig in the messages but just to impart something noteworthy, the MORAL LESSON is: “Don’t you ever text while shopping!” Now I’m not sure if I’ll laugh with what I just said.

Again, would you believe that I intentionally went there just to have me a late lunch? I kid you not!

Anyway, before I go I’d like to leave you with this photo I took inside the mall using my 3.0 megapixel auto focus mobile phone, one of the oops there’s that word again, sexy-albeit-modest wedding gowns I’ve seen in my life.

Nice noh? (* cough cough Xiela Julian*) Haha! Xie, sorry for being too pushy. :) It's just that among my other friends and in our kadas you have the highest chances of wearing this. Hehe. It would really be an honor to contribute something on your wedding, wehehe.

So that has been it for another day of a shopaholic. This splurging has got to stop so I'm putting some measures. One of which I thought would be hepful is the addition of this ticker:

And I wil l be putting this somewhere in this blog to serve as an everyday reminder. I wil be making a separate for each item: bag, shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. So help me God!

**Just got back from Davao. The Saturday here was last May 5th.

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