Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Almost Famous!

Of all my posts here, I would have to say that this one has the shortest latency from the time of its occurrence. I still have a lot of stories up for posting mind you but the experience was just so overwhelming that I’m so tickled pink to relate it to you this early. :)

So what’s up? Well, we just had a press conference this morning at the Manila Peninsula. 'Tis my second visit in that hotel ever since I worked for my new company. I was assigned as Beyonce’s representative since she can’t make it. Haha! Kiddin’. Watch out for her TV ad for our units though, really nice!

The conference was about our fashionable Ultra edition phones: I600 the palm pc type, F300 the mp3 player type and F500 the camcorder type. (ehem, plugging plugging ;) I should’ve worn black to match the phone’s theme but I preferred my green satin dress. No, not the taffeta gown which was posted recently but the one mentioned in this article. I looked formal and sort of executive, hehe. It was such a good thing though coz I didn’t want to be stereotyped AGAIN as one of the models. Bwahaha!! And like what I’ve texted to my friends in my true-blue baklita way, “Patalbugan na ng damit itetchiwa. Wahaha!”

Speaking of models, there were Phoem Barranda, Rissa Mananquil and Bubbles Paraiso among the few. Drew Arellano hosted the event and lotsa press peoples and executives were present (oh-so-handsome Direk Lauren Dyogi and oh-so-buffed David Bunevacz). I was star-struck! Of course, the persons whom I have to impress with the most were the ramp directors and the fashion designers (pa-discover effect!). Nyahaha!!

The less enjoyable part of the show is just being an audience during the QnA portion. Technical people are not really the ones visible in this kind of event you know. However, I do promise myself that on the next time, I will have my own share of the limelight. Yay! It’s not that I love attention. I would just like to take my boss’ place because he was the one bombarded with all the techie questions. With that, I didn’t mean overthrowing my manager. I just want to take upon me that responsibility and spare him the burden of facing the people. (I saw how nervous he was this morning.) This inspired me to pace up my learning and just devour everything and anything I need for my current job. Not bad effect eh? Ok, so I do love attention. But being able to do so in a fashionable outfit, English fluency plus brains is a GOOD thing. Right? So not common for an engineer. That’s uniquely KC! ;-)

What I was excited the most is on the publicity. Wahaha. There’s this Giant Board where you know models and celebrities used to pose (that thing you see often in fashion magazines). But of course, who am I to let go of this opportunity? So everyone, I would like to share to you this pic. Pardon the shabbiness of the pose and of the whole pic itself, this was just taken via a mobile phone. My pic taken by the press people will probably be circulating in magazines now and I don’t have access to it. Almost famous! Haha! Let me share, the feeling of posing there is JUST. WOW!! :D

the exhibit

Since we arrived earlier, I had the chance to act as a fashion “connoisseur” for each and every arriving guest. There were no red carpets but the staircase was enough to act as such. There I was at the lobby observing the guests as I see them first through their head then slowly down as they walk up until finally, the whole ensemble. And I have to say, there were a lot that just left me in awe and a few others that really compelled me to cry fashion faux pas!

Haay, I so so love these events! I don’t care if others dislike it because of being superficial as described by one of our managers. (I observed it as the glamorous go beso-beso with each other.) I just love love it! And before I can remember my minor complaints or upcoming complaints here, allow me to say


Tomorrow, I’ll be in Davao for a product roadshow. So again, I’d like to repeat

I LOVE THIS JOB! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

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Nivek said...

I was reading a story on Yahoo that gave some tips for posing like the supermodels: 1) turn just a little bit sideways (this will make u look thinner) and 2) tilt your chin up so u look more confident. But you don't need these tips -- you already take a stunning photo :)