Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last Weekend: Shopping & Cleaning

I was thinking of something unusual to happen last weekend. There aren’t any plans (most of the time there really isn't any) so I just went out Saturday afternoon to check out what’s new on the malls. True enough, I was able to buy this doll top I really want (last time I went there are no stocks for my size). I was delighted to see a lot of beautiful dresses in my fave shopping outlets (Petit Monde and A&E). The latter even has this nice dress Scarlet Johansson once wore in a red carpet! =D I saw also a lot of satins (not quite sure if they’re the trend now but I like best the one in PM which I saw Anne wore in ASAP). And now, I’m torn as to which of the two I should choose. (Hy nku, Anne n nman). Hihi!

Sunday morning waking up late and missing on a supposed to be regular church activity. I was already headed up stairs back to my room after having breakfast when I saw Mama dusting out the furniture, a task assigned to me way back high school and college.** Ashamed to myself for not helping her out (specially now that we don’t have a househelp anymore), I looked around to search for an area to work on and voila! I found the hallway! Seeing how dirty it was, I felt it’s high time that I start contributing little tasks per week on housecleaning (area by area since I don’t have a lot of time). Besides, I'm the only person in the house who has the heart to do that. ;)

I started off with cleaning the mirror and different memories came to mind while doing the job. I take pride in applying how Mom taught me the proper way to clean it. Way back 2nd year HS we had this contest for the cleanest room. We did not win (which was expected as star section but the room’s not good in the 1st place) but the judges commended on how clear the mirrors are, which is of course my work! :)

Next, I scrubbed the wall with detergent and remembered how my neighbors praise me on how meticulous I am when it comes to cleaning (considering I'm the child of the owner and we have a maid). That's how I like the task and I even said before that I’d rather clean the whole house than cook. =P In order, I'd rather: decorate the house, wash my clothes, iron my clothes, wash the dishes and clean the house.

I proceeded to scrubbing the floor. I put on HCL (aka Zonrox) to the detergent to brighten it. (Yeah, my scrubbing effort is not really enough). That’s how hard the floor is to clean. I must suggest that the crazy cut tiles must already be replaced with those white square tiles for easier cleaning. Again, I recalled before how I got my desired Baby G watch in exchange of scrubbing the entire ground floor area. How I wish I can trade a new car now for doing the same. Ha, ha!

It took about 2.5 hrs for me to finish the entire hallway (that’s just around 5-8 steps from the door!). Looking at my work, it’s a good feeling seeing how hygienic the area looked. The accomplishment is so fulfilling that I even thought I was happier doing it rather than buying the dress I like. (Oh, come on! :))

So I pledged to myself, for weekends without anything to do why not just stay at home and do the cleaning. Ooooh, I’m such a good daughter! Lols..

**Kuya was assigned on the 2nd floor, me on the ground.

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