Friday, February 02, 2007

Missing the Pyro Olympics

I really wanna watch and see those amazing display of bright lights in the sky. But sad to say, I missed it. On the last night of the show, I was up there in our rooftop watching it from very very very far. Without the crowd, without the music. :( ( in fairness i got to see a video clip of Germany via my friend's phone)

I'm actually feeling guilty because for a while I blamed my friends for missing it. I thought they were so inconsiderate for not inviting me or the group and going out on their own.That's how frustrated I was. (Guys, sorry nah temporarily lng nman ;). But being a rational person, I know I had to battle that thought. They don't have any obligation to me and I know I'll do the same thing if I'm in their stead. With that, I felt like being a loser for missing out on a lot of good things in life and reasoning to myself that I only want to share those moments with that special someone.(Oh, what a lousy excuse!) Movies, concerts, special places, etc. I mean there are available persons to go out with me on those but I just refuse because I don't like their company. My bad!

And so as not to feel that way again, I started making a list of must-happens and activities for me. I know I can make it by just planning it out properly and simply be happy or make it special with whoever fellas I'm gonna spend them with. Or maybe for some time, try doing it if I can on my own. Just please don't make me watch movies alone coz I really can't handle it. ;) I actually populated my planner with special happenings per month. I also updated my wishlist to keep me focused on the things I want to achieve in life and have them posted in a special place here (right side) for tracking purposes. It's just all about making it happen. Aja!**

Rest assured that my blog and my readers will never miss any moment on those special events. :)

So my next stop is on Feb 10 for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Clark Airfield Pampanga. :) Guess who I'm with? It's the Burn-In group from Test Engineering (so far from my group which is Assembly ;). I'm so excited nah..
** I really have to make them happen 'coz I have this feeling I won't find him anymore. =(

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