Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Word Of The Day

Warning: This entry is not published just to give the writer an authority on the said language.

Let me sing it the RX way in a cookie monster voice: Word-of the day, word of the day jhug jhug jhug word of the day, daba daba daba word of the day..hehehe

As you may have very well noticed from my previous entries and seen on the right side of this blog on About Me section, I am a true-blue English aficionado, a zealot! From winning the English spelling contest in grade school to solving English crosswords puzzle in my father’s newspaper to always being my English teacher’s and professor’s pet to being assigned on the most abstruse novels for book reports until finally bagging the Excellence in English award in graduation, (These are just my fond memories as a student. ;) there’s no question about it. I really do love the English language.**

Even in my previous work, my immediate manager seemed to have a vicarious pleasure on the said lingo. He usually sends e-mails containing highfalutin words that are more often than not, an object of mockery in the work area. (Technical people, remember?) He once forwarded to us an e-mail with a list of idioms he thinks might be useful for everyday conversation but one engineer in the group replied to all “Ayos, magagamit ito sa assignment ng anak ko.” I just usually ride on with the jokes but unbeknownst to them, I appreciate it deep inside. I’m one those people who loathe the idea that engineers are poor or being excused to be poor in English just because they’re technical people.

This passion is that intense that I wanna perfect that TOEFL proficiency exam. Wahaha!!

If you’ll ask me to choose between a novel and a dictionary, I’ll pick the latter because I’m a total sucker for new words to my ears, idioms, synonyms for adjectives. I even want to put off something like a word of the day here (one like that in My Yahoo!) just to learn and be an informative source of English words. But I just don’t know how.
So maybe you’re wondering why entitled this post just like that one above. It’s because I haven’t found the word yet for this addiction of mine. Neologism? Not really. I'm still researching about it but for now, I'll probably be contented with the term English enthusiast. :)

**Ok, ok. For those who will sermon me on that famous line of our national hero with regards to loving our very own language, please allow me to explain. I also love our own. As a proof, I also got the award on Excellence in Filipino in my HS graduation that my classmates call me a linguist. Plus, I do intend do a write-up here in pure Tagalog. I promise you the words will be so profound it will blow your mind. Haha!

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Mike said...

This explains a lot about your Intel goodbye letter. ;-) - myk