Saturday, April 21, 2007

Achilles' Heel

I feel compelled to write a special article per month. I’m not sure if you can relate it to April’s Fool Day, haha! But at least it’s an original and if I may say, a well thought of idea. But maybe in the end you might just get confused if showcasing Visio was the whole point of it. Ha-ha!

For some girls/women, crushes can serve as their inspirations. They can bring out the best in them. Of course, the end in mind is to win these guys over. I totally salute them ‘coz for me, it’s the other side of the coin. These cute guys specially those whom which I have a monstrous crush on bring out the tomfoolery in me. They’re my weakness, causing me to feel uneasy and act in inexplicable ways that in the end makes me whack my head and curse “With what I did, I swear I would never want to meet him up again.”

Listed below are the top four ridiculous scenarios based on my true-to-life encounters arranged in a chronological manner. Illustrated better with the use of Microsoft Visio (aaahh feels so good to re-unite with this tool again. ;)

Scenario#1: Happened around Q4 of 2004, Lisa and I were on our way back to our cubicle after lunch. We were already on that spot below when I caught sight of this FSE from Panasonic (J and his friend F) whom I really adored because of his cute face and nice dimples. He’s a family man, too! ( responsible son, that is, you bananaheads!) And of all the days that it will happen, my goodness, that day I’m in total discomfort of my muddy sneakers due to an accident encountered in the early morning. So as I was saying, we were supposed to be treading that aisle, that normal passageway (I repeat N-O-R-M-A-L) when after seeing him I turned around in a jiffy and marathoned in that parallel narrow leeway to avoid him. (That thing on the right side are cabinets and fyi, ONLY admins pass there ONCE IN A WHILE to access some files.) And the funnier part is, the panels of the cubicles are just like 5’5” tall. With me being 5’7” and him 5’11”, I can only imagine his grins as he view me through my head stride that other way. God, why did I ever do that?????

i. L for Lisa and K for yours truly
Scenario#2: (occurred sometime Q3 of 2005) WBCT is not a stranger to you anymore, right? I mean I’ve been mentioning him here for the nth time now. When I learned that he’s already taken, I said to myself that I will be contented if I’ll just get acquainted with him. And so Lisa, my super friend who’s always been uber-excited in my lovelife conspired with her IT support J (a basketball teammate and opposite cubicle of W) and presented me with the plot. I was at first hesitant about it but later gathered the chutzpah to come over J’s cube and pull-off a so-called “business-like” conversation before the dreadful introduction. The fake conversation took some bloody minutes as J can’t find the perfect idle time for W to engage in a casual talk. And finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for. J called W and is on his way to us when suddenly, I decided to run away and hide myself. Yes, ladies and gents, I literally ran in that opposite direction leaving Lisa and J behind. Aaargh, what was I thinking? It must be the stupidest, most embarrassing moment in my life. Lisa was even a bit pissed with what happened and I ended up apologizing to her. How uncivilized of me. But past is past. I take comfort in the thought that I already moved out of the company. Whew!!

ii. Run-away bride

Scenario#3: (Mid Feb of 2006) He’s a clean-cut guy with a boy-next-door vibe, an MTE in the test area whom I once believed will be my next bf. We just started texting via a 3rd party giving him my number. Things didn’t turn the way I expected but we remained friends nonetheless: occasionally chatting through office IM when he’s on shift and once-in-a-blue-moon texting. Again I was with Lisa enjoying our after-lunch conversation on a Friday afternoon in the cafeteria when I just noticed him coming from behind, approaching us and shoot! Sat himself right in our table. I don’t know what’s with him that time but his visit was just quick. He looked at my cellphone and uttered a few lines of kamustahan I guess. I can’t exactly recall what happened. All I know is that I’m just smiling the whole time he was there to save me from further humiliating myself. I know I did my best to act normal and felt quite safe when he left UNTIL, Lisa enumerated to me one-by-one the silly things I did. Well according to her, I was gushing, super-blushing, not looking at him in the eye, uneasy, smiling for nothing at all..and all that silly stuffs! Clothes and ambiance below not accurate but the red one? Yes! I wonder why I blush like that! It must be the toner. Geese! Fyi, that guy once took me home and I don’t wanna recall the stupid things I did while I was with him. Aaaaaack!!

iii. Blush like a pro

Scenario#4: (Sans Lisa this time, no she's not the jinx hehe.) It’s been months now that I’m prospectless and happily contented on being single. I’ve been engaging myself on a lot of activities and busying myself on a lot of interviews as well. You see, I always come prepared during job interviews, howbeit technical or just merely personal. However on this, I wasn’t informed for a technical one. Unprepared as I may be, I braved the room of doom with a silent prayer of surviving the interrogation. I gazed around and uuggh! The last thing I’m expecting on this four-cornered room is a cute guy. Guy #3 is a Chinese, around 27-30, smart-looking in his eyeglasses, tall and thin and exudes an arrogant aura. Just exactly my type, now I’m really dead. During the course of the interview I must say he was quite impressed with my resume (even mentioning to Guy # 4 my top 14 board achievement) BUT, I turned him down with my answer to his question. He asked me something about routers to which I unflinchingly said “I can’t recall.” just to be safe and avoid his further query. OK, quick justification: I know there’s this valid excuse of the topic being studied some 4 years ago and not being applied in my current job makes it permafrost in my mind. But in retrospect, I do believe that I can ransack that part of my cranium where the data is and eventually come up with a rather wise-though-not-exact answer. I know I can! Instead, I let myself loose in the situation. How destructive the effects are to me. To sum it up, I did well on the other questions, as long as it’s not his. The men (yes, all of them are) even made me stand and speak and write Chinese characters on the whiteboard (knowing Mandarin is an advantage). It’s been 4 weeks now and I’m not expecting a positive call from them neither did I make a follow-up. Besides, I don’t wanna get confused. Moral lesson: Always update your CV, don’t put something in there that you’re not confident at when questioned, haha!

iv. Dumb and dumberer

The gist is, ever since my last break-up I never learned how to behave normally infront of someone that I like. But honestly, do I really turn them off? How awful! I’m pathetic.

Sidenote: For those who might just be wondering, yes, I am an engineer, a kikay one. ;)

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