Thursday, April 19, 2007


For 3 reasons:

1. Our Labrador Casper is getting weaker and weaker everyday. Last Monday, I found him not responding to any food which he usually devours. The next day, he took some medicine from the vet and was back to normal. But later that night, I noticed his eyes are rolling back to his head as if in delirium. Reminiscent of Milky’s condition before, I can’t help but feel pity towards him as he does these coughing sounds. I’m endlessly worried. I hope it’s just some sort of temporary dog malady and that he’ll be back in shape soon (Mama’s hypothesis is that it’s some sort of temperature effect, huh?). I can’t handle anymore loss. =(

2. Bruce is going to Slovenia for the Big Brother Swap. Of all the housemates, why does it have to be him? Waaahh… Aren’t the Slovenians liberated? I mean there are countries where they allow know, that live x-rated thing in TV? And again, waaaaaaaaaaahhh to that. Who can’t resist Bruce’s buffed body? I would have to admit, if given the chance I would like to taste his…………..ADOBO!! (And what exactly are you thinking, you pervert?) Well, I suppose the right thing to feel is to be happy for him, right? Alright, I am I am. That’s love right? Setting your loved one free and I’ve already learned that the hard way. Anyway,

Kamusta naman ang pagtulog ni Wendy on the sofa with him? I’m getting green with envy. Grrrr!!

I’ll miss you Bruce. *sniff*

3. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Singapore thing. My batchmates are all swarming there after gaining some local experience. Well, well, well. Qui vive? The once anti-it girl is now taking this in consideration. I don’t know but I’m quite sure it’s not the current work. I still have to see when I visit it this year. I’m giving myself ‘til end of this year to decide anyways.

My apologies for boring you with these non-sense things. My mind has been in a jello lately due to absorbing new acronyms and adopting to new environment. I have a special article for this month though. Watch out for it. =)

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Nivek said...

Sorry bout ur dog... my Freddy 'Boom Boom' has been going through a lot. Last summer he was diagnosed with seizures. He is on medicine but the vet hasn't found the right combination yet and he still has them about every other month. He has them in clusters of 3 at a time. It is so sad because he looks like he is gagging, falls over, and paddles his leg. I can tell when they are coming the day before. Usually he doesn't respond to food either.