Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Next Best Thing to My Profession

Ever since my third robbery experience (2 out of 3 of which were successful), I’ve wised up and became vigilant in my surroundings. I kept myself informed on all the tricks and tactics of these gangs so if possible I can make myself out and avoid being victimized again. Especially during the 2 months after the last absolutely worst incident, I was so paranoid that sometimes I’ll drop by on very uncommon places (those like just 2 mins away from where you boarded the jeepney and the one infront of Manila Hotel in Roxas Boulevard out of the fx, huh?). As soon as I sensed something fishy, I don’t mind spending more in a cab or riding another vehicle just to be safe. It was traumatizing.

Last Friday night I was walking along Divi area and was on my way to my last ride when all of a sudden a man appeared in my left side and started talking to me.

I am a fast walker. In my dirty-white-and-blue-striped-super-low-but-pinned-to-a-modest-low-V-neck-cute-body-hugging-top and in my skinny jeans that night and in all the fabulous outfits I am wearing, yes, I do not saunter. I hurry.

He was still gasping for breath from trying to catch up on me. “Excuse me, can I talk to you? I just need to ask you something.”

Ok. I do not usually talk to strangers. I’m aware that there are hundreds of victims already on situations like this but there’s something in him that made me give in. Maybe it’s the polite approach. So, I led him in front of the 7-11 station Divi where I could get a good look of who he is and exposed enough for the public to see the two of us. (See? I’m still working slyly you know. So don’t give me those oh-my-god-you’re-so-stupid-KC reactions. Not just yet. Not yet.)

The man or gay I’m not sure was standing around 5’5”, his long black and gray hair tied into a bun, wearing a plain mocha t-shirt in his bulging tummy and shorts. “I’m Direk Pol Natividad. Director of Ina Raymundo’s Sabado Nights commercial. Remember?”

Pol Natividad, pol natividad. Hmm, the name doesn’t ring a bell. Sabado nights?

“Aaah, yeah?” I doubtfully replied.

“Listen. I’ll be directing a commercial for Chanel jeans in Singapore. You seem to carry your jeans well. Are you interested in becoming a model?”

Stop. And in my head goes. “Woooooohooooooooo. Hail fabulous skinny jeans! But, SAY WHAT? A model?”

“Direk, sorry ngkamali po yata kayo ng nilapitan.”

“Sinasabi mo bang bulag ako?” with his pointing finger to his eyes.

Now I got scared. “Eh, I don’t have the body built of a model. I mean, I’m not skinny and definitely not that flawless.”

Iha, I may have not seen you fully coz it was dark from where I was standing while eating when you passed by. And now, seeing you I can say that you have slight problems on your skin in the face but maybe that’s because you’re not taking good care of it or something else is causing it.”

Then he proceeded on discussing how the modern advancements in technology can take care of my insecurities, even using Ara Mina as an example saying how voluptuous she looks in her curves. I learned also something from him with regards to bone structure which is specifically what the camera is aiming for. I can perceive a veteran person talking right in front of me.

Still doubtful of my capabilities and untrusting on him as well, I told him that I’ll think about it and just show up in the auditions if I’ve fully decided.

Then he goes on wondering why I was reluctant on the opportunity. He mentioned how other girls were and would be so delighted upon hearing his words and them even initiating to discuss the details in a conducive environment, a restaurant maybe, where he can present to them the plan and all. He was so frustrated with my reaction.

Ok. Quick self-analysis: For me, to be called a model is to be bestowed upon a great compliment. It’s a dream…..yet it’s my frustration too. I know I can never be one. Sure, many people are asking why I didn’t pursue a career like that. Hearing that would flatter me for a nanosecond and after snapping out of it, I’ll blurt out “Ngek. Hindi ako pwede dun noh.” But now hearing it from a “claiming” director, plus Chanel, plus Singapore..aaahhhh, it’s JUST. OVERWHELMING. But saying yes to him would mean giving up on everything I worked for.

(to be continued)


Shiela Amor said...

kc!!! go go go!!! ul regret this for the rest of your life if you dont pursue this!!! =P

Nivek said...

how lucky am i to say i know a model... even if it is only through friendster :)

Shiela Amor said...

on second thoughts, its hard to trust people nowadays, so before meeting up with alleged direk pa-nbi mo muna cya baka manloloko lng un ung ganun, hehe...although convincing ung mga cnasabi nya and ung mga sina-cite nyang example at mga artista encounters nya, malay mo talgang ganun ang modus operandi...careful lng

gen said...

oh my ghadd i met the exact same guy geeez and he told me those exact same words.anu un 22o b yun?

Anonymous said...

about ur blog.That guy ur talking about approached me this afternoon while walking in makati,he used the same lines and that chanel singapore project.he said he's in need of 10 models blah blah..he even said that there's an agency who will handle the projct.so I askd him what agency coz I do model. I mentioned popular agencies in the Phi but non of those is d agency he talks abt. I even told him that agency prefer brazilian models than filipino models.If he asked u the same thing and same lines over a yr ago then he's just a big joke. I've done commercials and d usual process is to go on vtr and the agency will be the one to choose. thanks!im enlightened..

Anonymous said...

to gen: oh no, he's fake..i think..don't believe him..

to anynomous: yup, thanks! my bro's a model too and i know that none of this guy's saying is true..god bless on your career..:)


Anonymous said...

last year that guy approached me in Morayta!:S he was like convincing me to be his talent/model. he even cited some stories behind gma7 blah blah. and yes! he told me about the chanel jeans thingy! my parents got mad at me when i told them i met someone like him. I changed my number. nakakatakot siya. i saw him around Morayta palagi after that.:( mega tago nlang ako..