Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Wishlist

Here are some of the things I would like to accomplish. Not really for this year though it would be better if they will all happen. :)

1. Collect all small breed of dogs.
2. Swim with a dolphin or watch them in Subic.
3. Visit waterworld in Singapore.
4. Drive my own Jazzy car.
5. Have a baby to take care of me..;-)
6. Travel (out of the country)

7. Probably a new career ={
8. Summer outing with girlfriends (Puerto or Bora would do) or a Baguio with friends.
9. A concert (maybe a Valentine) or watch ASAP live

10. A master's degree (CS or IT)
11. Learn ice-skating
12. Experience scuba diving or jet-ski
13. Wear braces. ;)
14. My own laptop
15. A shopping spree somewhere
16. Watch a professional fashion show
17. To be financially stable :D
14. Learn a new language
15. Play new instrument (guitar or drums)

This list will be continuously populated. I wish '07 will be a colorful year for me. =)

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Nivek said...

not happy @ intel? times suck don't they?