Monday, January 08, 2007

The Princess Hours Addiction

I'm not that Koreanovela addict but of all those I've seen, this is already the best for me.
Excellent cinematography, exceptional actors and actresses in splendid modern cinderella story.
Even the soundtrack's great. Hats off to everyone involved in producing this magnificent soap.
Truly everything you can wish for in a romantic comedy type koreanovela.

With some friends' referral I got interested in the story even if it hasn’t started yet in local TV.
And after finishing it last week, I can now understand why there’s so addicted to it.
Coz right up to now, I’m so not over with this obsession. As a proof, I spent this recent weekend creating movie flicks using of course its OST.

Below shows the list of my favorite scenes:

Cool Slideshows

By the way, here are the links for the music videos I made:





Comments will be highly appreciated. =)

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