Wednesday, January 03, 2007

December Get Together

Our barkadas do this annually just to catch up with each other's lives before the year ends. This year was held in Dampa somewhere in Macapagal near Blue Wave and MOA. Present in the gathering are of course Xiela & Mac, Joann & GB, Plokie, Bong, Ruth, Ali, Lot and Me.

Special thanks to Bert for providing us with the food (hehe!). His presence is still felt even if he's overseas as well as Mark who called us that night. We terribly miss you guys as well as those we missed in the party due to some reasons. I'm looking forward to another event like this this year.

Well, instead of posting the pictures one by one I've just decided to create a flick and let the captions do the talking. :)

Cool Slideshows

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