Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dubai Continued: Night at Bedouin Camp


Okay, what else do I remember from my last post? Hahaha!!!

Like I said, the night at the Bedouin camp was magical. It's where I got my first ever henna tattoo. It's for free.

This is the Bedouin camp - set amongst the rolling dunes of the desert and gently lit with traditional lamps and having dinner under the stars. Very enchanting. :)

You can enjoy free Arabic coffee (shown above), aromatic shisha pipes (I didn't try) and alcoholic beverages by the entrance but the latter have to be paid for. :P I managed to take a picture of the starter meal I ate.

But I noticed that the rest of the food were forgotten because the entertainers started to perform as soon as everybody has settled to their tables. I mean, don't you just wanna look at this lady while she performs bellydancing AND.STOP.EATING by looking at her tummy? Uuuugghh, made me wanna practice the craft right after! Haha!

No but I did eat of course. I remember enjoying Mediterranean cuisines back in Manila and in India but this is the first time that I really loved lamb and muttons. Something about the authentic kebabs and their dips there - hummus being my favorite. I remember going back the second time for the meat. Yay! They do have freshly baked bread, salad, soup and pasta if my memory serves me right. :)

And because bellydancing may already be seen as a common form of entertainment, a distinguished sensory experience while in the camp would have to be this - the Tanoura dance. I've never seen anything like it before. Check the video.

Hmm, my recommendation is to really take off the shoes when inside the camp. The fine sand really has to be felt on that slightly cold December night.

And take a pic with the lamps just like what Ali did. LOL!

Oh, just blogging about the whole experience make me miss the place. I got some news last week about the possibility of going back. I do hope it's a go. :)

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