Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Path of Philosophy (Tetsugaku-No-Michi)


The Tetsugaku-no-Michi is one of the most pleasant walks in all of Kyoto. Lined with a great variety of flowering plants, bushes and trees, it is a corridor of colour throughout most of the year. The path takes its name from one of its most famous strollers: 20th-century philosopher Nishida KitarĊ, who is said to have meandered lost in thought along the path. 

Have I mentioned that I walked for one whole day in Kyoto??? Oh boy yes I did.  I felt like I did a full marathon but according to my company Brian who I met in the guesthouse, the total distance that we traversed in Kyoto was around an effin' 21 KM!  Details about this would be shown soon.

This path of philosophy is something that one must pass through in Kyoto if you're heading to the Ginkaku-ji Temple.  It comes into a spectacular bloom during the spring season so one must be prepared for the crowd.  It stretches to around 1KM and could be finished around 30 mins according to some websites but that is if you don't stop to appreciate its beauty. :)  Or get distracted by these kitty kats along the way. ;)  That's Brian by the way. :P

Further down the walk (towards the Ginkaku-ji temple), you can enjoy some dainty restaurants and souvenir shops.  And all I have to say is that I am really envious of all the houses that are built in here just like the one above.  So dreamy. Haha.

And after some more "are we there yet?" questions in my head, Brian and I finally reached the Ginkaku-ji Temple.  I'll write about the temples and shrines I visited on a separate post. :)

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