Friday, May 02, 2014

Dance With Me


If you follow me on IG (username: Cassey_cakes), you may notice that I’ve quite taken a liking to instavideo-ing my gym routines and is not limited to physical training but even dance choreos as well.  I must admit the very first one was made to uhmmm impress the boyfie then (lol!) and the goal was realized when he “liked” it in FB.  (Of course, he SHOULD like it! HAHA!)  From then on, it has become something I’d do regularly because I really love music and dancing to upbeat tunes especially if the choreo is really good.  Little did I know that there are friends who are actually looking forward to the posts (well atleast that’s what they said in the comments, lol!) specially my Saturday posts.  Me being me, of course I was happy to oblige and give them more.  Lol!

It was only until recently that I realize the purpose of all those videos.  I have decided to undergo training as a retropop instructor in the gym.  And the videos I took were all helpful for this new endeavor.  You see, retropop is not actually a standard Les Mills class offered in Fitness First but was rather pioneered by some fitness instructors that has made a name as good choreographers in the showbiz industry.  It was initially called Retro class which as the name suggests dances to the songs of the 70s/80s (hello Telephone/ Fame/ Vogue and the likes).  Of course it was a HIT to mommies in the gym who wanna showcase their dance prowess and unleash the inner dancing queen in them.  Later on, it was changed to Retropop to include the very recent hits.  Lady Gaga/ Rihanna/ JLo/ Katy Perry and even Korean craze???  Name it, we have it! ;)

And that is why I really LOVE this class.  This is not something final as of the moment.  As I've said, I'm still under training.  So for my first stint on stage, I'd like to share this clip dancing to one of the happiest songs right now - Happy by Pharrell Williams.  Hehe. ;)

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