Monday, March 17, 2014

Frozen Fever


Can I just say something...obvious??? Hahaha!!! I super adore these parents.  They're the perfect epitome of cool!  Hahaha!!!  We've already seen a million rendition of Frozen's Let It Go in social networks, it's high time that this song gets a recognition.

I mean, seriously, I love this song more than the other one.  Something in Let It Go's melody is quite difficult for me to catch.  Yeah I do have some songs like that, don't you?  Though my 4y.o. nephew has a video of him singing that, yay!  But this song, love is an open door, for me is truly special.  Why? Because it reminds me of that guy from last year who says I always say crazy things. And if you're reading this all the way from Brazil, yes it's you! :P  

I hope they make it to Ellen or something.  That'd be fun. :)  And just to add, I don't mind having a hubby like that.  P.S.  Guy above doesn't sing.  Hahaha!!! Though maybe you have seen this, I'm just sharing it below. :) Enjoy! :)

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