Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Desert Safari: Dune Bashing


Imagine the feeling of being in a roller coaster but inside a 4x4 cruiser.  You and most of the passengers are laughing with excitement as the jeep move up and down the sand dunes.  As you anticipate the driver’s next maneuver, all of a sudden you hear the sound of retching at the back of the vehicle.  Uuuugggh.  Disgusting. That's what exactly happened in my last video.

Our off-road adventure was fun, alright.  For someone stationed at the passenger side, yes there were times when I feel nauseated.  Even so, I wanted more thrill.  More stunts - the our-jeep-almost-flipped-over kind of stunt.  Yup, I'm for it.  And I just know that our skilled driver is capable of doing so if not for that other tourist who kecked endlessly inside the cruiser.  It was even heard in my videos!!! Soo not cool! Booo!!!  

With that, the driver had no other option but to stop and wait for the guy to feel better.  Seriously, a roller-coaster ride is not for everybody and so is the dune bashing.  The activity was slightly ruined.  We had to stop for atleast two or three times  and even had to switch seats just so we could reach our destination.  Sigh.  

But the interlude gave us time to appreciate the beauty of the desert.  What a break from the commercialized city of Dubai.  Amazing.  Specially that it was almost time for the sun to set.  I mean, just look at how spectacular this view is.  Wow.

Also, it gave me time to erhm shoot more pictures by the sunset.  Lol!  And my favorite shot would have to be this.  Yes, credit goes to my photographer Ali for perfectly capturing this. :)

With the wind blowing that strong on that day, I felt like I should've chosen a different outfit.  Think of a long dress, something flowy then I can do a high fashion shoot with Anggun's Snow on the Sahara in the background.  Lol!  

In short, never mind that the dune bashing was not as thrilling as expected, I got very nice pictures thank you very much.  Hahaha!!!  When the Indian guy took my seat infront and the windows were opened, he felt a bit better.  Poor guy.  So off we go to the last part of the tour - to the Bedouin desert camp for a magical evening in the desert under the stars.  

But before I give you that, I'll share another dune bashing video.  This time it's without any retching sound.  Enjoy, haha!


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