Tuesday, February 04, 2014

From Central Angkor to East of Victory Gate


Before anything else, I would like to correct myself on my previous post.  I kind of stalled from covering the next temples from our Day 1 because I realized I made a mistake.  There were some pictures of another temple that were included under a wrong temple.  Lesson learned???  I shouldn't really delay blogging my travel stories. *facepalm*  Anyway, I really hate giving wrong information in this blog so apologies for that.

This is Phimeanakas and not Baphuon.  Sooorrryyy!!!  It is a three-tiered Hindu temple and is located inside the walled enclosure of the Royal Palace of Angkor Thom close to Baphuon.  We decided not to climb up this pyramid because again of the steep stairs that weren't built for our huge pairs of feet! Though from the pic below, you could see that it's ascendable and in photography is good for "relativity " purposes.  Again, to excuse myself, I got confused since like Baphuon which is very close to this temple, it is also three-tiered.  P.S.  I already updated the pic from the previous post. :P

If you take the exit to the east, you will be led to the Terrace of the Elephants!  I say more like Intramuros, Manila no? :P

But if you ask me, where are the elephants???  They are actually engraved on the very wall below that we were stepping on.  Something that we were not able to take a picture of given that heat around 1-ish in the afternoon.  Haha!  I can refer you though to these pics here.  But, I'll give you a better tip, you should really try the coconuts from the stores located at the end of this terrace because they are really BIG and GOOD!  Perfect thirst quencher! ;-) That's where I got my Cambodian silk scarf too! :)

Temples East of Victory Gate

Now that most of the temples in Central Angkor Thom have been covered, off we go to the East of victory gate! 

When we located our tuktuk driver, he then drove us next to Chao Say Tevoda temple.

This is not a walled temple but I like it because there wasn't an influx of tourists here.  Which is weird because I remember there were some paintings being sold in this part of the temple.  Also, if you climb up that stairs were I was positioned, you could find a Buddhist who would assist you to make an offering just like in any other temples.  

Next up is Thommanon.  This small, rectangular temple located close to Chao Say Tevoda is actually named a UNESCO world heritage.  According to studies, the architectural construction of this temple used the technology employed in Angkor Wat hence making it well-preserved than the others.  

The next temple would be that of Lara Croft's!  But it deserves a special feature much like Angkor Wat so please stay tuned for that one! :)

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