Friday, December 20, 2013

Newest Baby! :)


Oh the very many hashtags one can come up with!!! :D

For today, I decided to give an update on the mini ewok that's the latest addition in our family! :D  Everyone, meet Brindy.  

If you ask me, I would have just named her Chloe.  But the owner(my sis-in-law's siblings) who gave it to us had already named her such. :(  I don't know if she's gonna be a permanent member of the household (yeah I will be sad if they take her back!).  I didn't realize how sweet can female shih-tzus be. =)

Of course, I'm a bit worried about the impact of this tiny creature would be to our not so tiny other baby Vladimir! Haha!  OMG, I just realized that this blog didn't hear anymore about Vlad since this post. =(  I was just busy updating his Facebook page and posting some instavideos about him.  Sigh. 

So Vladi is already a year old by now.  He just loves bullying Brindy, haha! So the poor ewok always had to run and asked to be carried when Vladi is off the leash.  Anyway, I will dedicate one post about Vlad maybe next week? :)

I love them both equally!  Here's a photo taken right after I got home from Dubai. =)

To all our other dogs who passed away this year, you all will never be forgotten - Lucas/ Troy/ Betty and all others before you.  I'll see you all in Paradise. (-,-)

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