Friday, November 08, 2013

Fitness Coaching


I’ve always been hesitant about availing a PT service in the gym.  I remember when I first joined Fitness First, my reasoning would be “Why would I avail a PT session? When I was studying I didn’t have to rely on a tutor to earn my scholarships and medals.” :P  Hahaha!  Aside from finding the group classes enough for my need (well back then I needed more cardio coz I was fat :P), the fees for the service is admittedly exorbitant for me.

Recently, after reaching the slimmest figure I’ve had in years and taking it for granted (sigh), I found myself too much pressured to have it back.  It resulted to different recent injuries that had me consulting the doctors like I never did before.  So sad. They could only give me pain relievers and an advice to take it easy in the gym. 

And for someone like me who’s only had the gym as my company all my years of single life before, hearing this is like a blow to my ego.  It pains me that I had to lessen my weights in lifting sessions or finish one category down in fun runs or even control my movements in dance classes in the gym.  So I believe the only way for me to achieve the same results before, properly and with less effort this time is to consult the services of a PT.

Good thing in Skyfitness, they have this philosophy about doing things properly and achieving your results in phases.  The promo in Deal Grocer came just in time and after finishing my sessions with Alex (my trainer), I was able to understand more about my body’s strength and weaknesses. J

Take for example this brilliant’s machine assessment, though I was happy that years in the gym produced a really good muscle condition in my limbs, it really shows my trunk (abs) weakness which also somehow causes the back pain I felt some months ago.

I’ve already finished my 3 sessions and so far I feel good about my body now compared to two months ago. I was back on track in running half-marathons and hopefully improve from there. ;-) I've always been motivated enough in the gym but now I appreciate the presence of someone who would really pressure you.  Hehe.  I would really love to avail back Alex’s services but these things take a little planning and budgeting especially now that things have changed with the presence of someone special. :P

Well, the boyf (an MMA fighter ;-) did promise some workout sessions with me.  Think couple workouts in those fitness IG accounts, haha!  So I am really looking forward to it! *kilig* Haha!  'Til the next fitness updates my friends. J

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