Thursday, September 05, 2013



Don’t we all do this? Right click that mouse and “save as” a captivating photo in the web for future reference.  It just so happened that in my case, that reference could be for self-portraits.  Something that perhaps not all of us would do.  Haha!  But this case is different in a selfie in such a way that I have to use my tripod/ a real camera and not that of my phone’s.

Okay.  Let’s start with something #throwbackthursday-worthy.  This is a take off of Anne’s Marie Clare cover which I did 2 years ago perhaps.  Original post here.

Next.  This is something that I solemnly swear did not do on purpose.  The space back in my room back when our house was under renovation is something that would allow for “seated” poses.  In case you’ve seen this post, I did this for another #threesomethursday theme which is the “pleated skirts”.  Only when Georgina was starting to post IG pics of fans copying her billboards when I decided to look for images of her that would qualify.  I was aiming for this photo.  But then I saw this print ad for a bag and decided to juxtapose the pictures.  I never got a chance to put it up in IG and tag her though.  Awww. Haha.  So I’ll just post it here for the meantime. :)

Last.  Something from one of the biggest celebrities in PH now.  If Vicky Belo finds herself questioning how she can manage to sit beside her beautiful endorsers and take a picture with them, then all the more sI should do so myself.  Haha.  I guess the best way is to just humor the caption with a deserving “Anne-yare?”  Hahaha.  Hey, we do have that same name. ;-)  Yep, owning that same shoes (in different color) she’s endorsing and having quite the same floral bustier top compelled me to mimic this ad.  So there.

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