Tuesday, September 10, 2013



For this year’s birthday, I decided to spend it on the weekend doing something worthwhile for the environment.  I participated in the coastal clean-up activity hosted by the scuba diving resort we always go to – Scuba Bro.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to try since I’ve gotten into this hobby.  So yay!

Of course we know that we’ll be collecting garbage from the ocean but I didn’t expect it’s that dirty wherein we had to literally swim to a sea of garbage.  Save for the usual plastic chip bags and slippers, my dive buddy/friend Bong found a Dora bag (???), a basketball, rubbershoes and a plastic file folder.  Didn’t take long to fill our sack though.  Well at first there was this hesitation to pick things one by one, I could see my red manicured nail (eventually fashioned itself later into French-tips, haha!) squirm everytime I touch a mossy plastic bag  but as soon as you see the amount of work that needs to be done you’re just simply compelled to do your outmost in cleaning.  Sigh.  True that the effort put in was microscopic.  I hope that each of us do our share in protecting the environment.

The night party was fun and I got to really bond with some new friends/ divers from my scuba diving group – Shark Bait Huhaha! Haha!

Pictures! J

Day 1

Day 2

No underwater pics as Bong forgot his camera.  L  But still it was a __th day well-spent! Haha! :D

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