Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Back at Scuba Bro


This is becoming my favorite dive spot for now.  Hehe.  Although the visibility wasn't that good on the last dive, we in my scuba diving group keep on coming back to this resort because of the rich underwater life here.  I also like the dive masters who regularly visit here. :)  Here's a shot last Saturday on our last dive in this place called "Steps" where they set-up different tables underwater.  Gosh, I wish I used a headband here. :))

One important thing about diving is being with a good spotter.  I was separated from the group with a real good one so I just had a few sightings this weekend.  Sigh.  I need to train myself more, study and familiarize myself more with underwater creatures or perhaps watch more Nat Geo??? LOL!  But just when I thought nothing significant would happen that day, this turtle appeared to us after I have halved my air tank.  Our DM showed no signs of going up even if one of our co-diver's already sharing air with him. Yaaaay!!!  And the only thing that kept me from worrying was enjoying myself trailing behind this turtle.  To make the story short, it was my longest dive and my first time to experience super low air.  I remember breathing water through my regulator and I violated one rule in scuba diving which is to never panic but thankfully that was already near the surface. Yay!  It was one memorable dive!

This video is one from our companion, Doc Jun.  Enjoy! :)

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