Saturday, July 13, 2013

Adidas KOTR 2013!


As soon as the announcement was made last Tuesday, I searched for the race photos (yep, photos and not results) and I got this error message...

"Sorry you were running fast we couldn't catch you" or something to that effect.  Sounds convincing noh but who was I kidding, this is what you get if you arrive at the venue 30 mins after the gunshot. Wooooow! Hahaha!!!  Hey, I was tired from scuba diving the day before.  

Apparently, I mustered enough motivation to continue with the race even if I registered alone. I've never missed a KOTR event for the last 3 years so why miss it now right?  And I know that I'd meet a lot of familiar faces from the gym (and celebrities as well) on the road.  I was officially in the 16.8K category but as a result of this tardiness, I decided to just run 6.8k meters less. :P  I did get the 16.8K medal though. =))))

And that ladies and gents, is the reason why I never bothered with the results.  Though I must say, it was quite a challenge catching up with the last batch of the slow-paced runners (took me all of 15 mins by the way).  I know that my time isn't that qualified for a "personal best" record and already am looking at joining that sub-1 challenge for a 10k on September. Yay!  I've been so inactive in running lately I need more practice.  I already skipped two running events where I was officially registered this year.  Sigh.

The only road practice I had for this event was the one in Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi a month ago (if three rounds on the lake qualify as a practice that is) and some treadmill running in the gym (15-min extra cardio pre or post a class workout whenever possible).  

A further visit to the said website the day after revealed two unflattering photos of me though.  So for the protection of my image, I decided not to post them here. HAHAHA!!!  So much for my perseverance.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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