Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sea Green


For today, I'll be posting about these sea green wedgies I got on sale from Forever21. :)  I'm partial to wedge shoesies these days because of this change in route of shuttle drop off in the morning.  Instead of the usual 2 minute walk to our building, it was extended to atleast 10 minutes more.  :P  Anyway, I had planned to wear it at work for 5 consecutive days sometime before my Hanoi trip but boo dysmenorrhea I was on sick leave on the last day because I had to throw up all day. 

Combo1:  F21 boyfriend blazer, Mango top, fancy unbranded necklace and Tomato floral pants.

Combo2:  Warehouse top with back lace details, Aldo neon necklace, Forever21 skinny jeans and Mango leather jacket.

Combo3:  Mango white tee and mint cropped blazer, Aldo neon necklace and CMG skirt.

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