Thursday, May 09, 2013

In Between Vacays


I was also busy exploring some restaus in the metro. :)

@Queen of Bollywood.  One advantage of being appointed as company teambuilding organizers is you get to personally decide on the venue.  And this place was just the right satisfy my Indian cravings.  Haha!!!  Turns out the foreign bosses like Indian cuisines too.  Perfect! :D

Sipping mojitos with my closest friend/ colleague Leq. :P

Dressing up appropriately (???) for the after work dinner.  I mean tutu skirts are for parties right??? HAHAHA!!!

@Chef's Lab.  Picking a different venue for a regular dinner before holiday with co-workers.

We had a voucher for their scrumptious Crispy Pata which is good for three and mixed it with their sinigang for some sour soup on the side. ;-)

We also tried their cocktails.  This is called love potion and is served in test tubes!  Nice.  Hehe. :P  I had hoped that the potion was effective for the three single drinkers.  Hahaha!!

A very good night landscape shot of Burgos Circle at the Fort using Iphone 5. :)

@Shi Lin.  For new restaus to try out in the Metro, I always look out for my ex sales manager's posts.  Haha!!!  And when his frequent check-ins points to this restau, I know that I should try it. :P

Good thing, Shi Lin is present in one of the closest malls in our area - Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo.  Treated the folks to some noodles and dumplings during the Labor Day holiday.

Love their Xiao Long Bao and the red bean dumplings for desserts.

I can't stress enough how much I love this mall! Haha!!  It has the right amount of class in it and it is so accessible for me. ;-)

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