Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Take on Timeless Trench


On a previous post, I blogged about the versatility of wearing the CTC (camel trench coat).  The thing is I've been meaning to post my own personal work outfits using my one and only camel trench coat but it's been set aside for too many weeks now in order to maintain "my sense of balance" in this blog (i.e. not only about my fashion in a week, insert personal/ travel life posts in a week and all those other crazy rules I set for my blog, lol!). 

Well it turns out, it was just waiting for a good timing.  Who What Wear recently made an editorial on this classified "wardrobe staple" and it was just the reminder I needed!!!  When the column said,  "Few fashion items have stood the test of time to reach the wardrobe hall of fame, but the trench coat is one that has the ultimate staying power."  I just simply couldn't agree more!!!  Y'all know how I've been raving in the past about this piece of statement. ;-)

And since in the abovementioned blog post, I did say I've been wearing an awful lot of it at work, I present to you my three favorite looks for today's #threesomethursday hashtag! :P

MNG turtle top; MNG skinny jeans; Charles n Keith sandals

For the second look, you probably only remember this.  But the bold black and white dress made a good combination too. ;-)  One of the reasons why I sometimes just keep the coat hanging over the back of my chair for a week.  You'll never know which outfit it will look good on! ;-)

MNG dress; Call It Spring flats

For the last outfit, I opted for a "draped over shoulder" look - something I simply loved seeing on the recent fashion week snapshots.  Probably something closer to having a cape.  This time I paired it with my black jumpsuit and the camel seemed to blend well with my leopard accessories.

Topshop jumpsuit; MNG leopard print belt; Dorothy Perkins pouch and Charles n Keith sandals

And just to echo what the fashion editor said in her video, in whatever variants of this item "you'll find that the trench coat, is the easiest way to look put-together in a snap!" ;-)

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