Monday, December 31, 2012

Lessons from 2012


Evidently, I haven’t been writing a lot this year.  I’m sorry.  :-D  Perhaps you can blame it on these lifestyle blogs that I avidly follow; it was just easy to resort to posting pictures instead.  But as 2012 comes to a close tonight, I’d like to take a few moments to write down the lessons it taught me.  It’s not really a regular thing for this blog as I always just do a highlight sort of thing (please expect it soon, HAR!) but I feel that formally writing it down in this blog will serve as a reminder and sort of help me to avoid making them again moving forward.  Here they are, not really in chronological order. :D

1.  Never fall for an asshole.  And a self-admitted one at that.  This is self-explanatory, no need to expound.  LOL.

2.  Choose your friends wisely.  I’ve always subscribed to the notion I got from a book that says “You’ll never regret being a good friend.”  I’ve had some falling apart with friends in the past and I’m sure that line was true for me.  But it was only this year that I’ve proven it wrong.  You actually DO feel sorry for being a good friend.  There are just some people that are not worth your time, patience and understanding.  If the amount of drama were anything to go by, this would probably be the hardest-earned lesson for me this year.  LOL.  And I know I’ve been stubborn on this seeing that I’ve already received cautions from real friends in the beginning.  Anyway, that’s a thing of the past now.  I’m not after the quantity of friends but I’ll just stick to my longest running ones for now (even if some of them are abroad) thanks very much! :D

3.  SIMPLIFY.  Oh wow.  Early this year you moved to our two-bedroom apartment located right behind our residential house and realized how difficult it was for a pack rat like me to move all my things.  Recently when the renovation was over, once again I had to go through the burden of moving back everything.  I have a bigger room now with a bigger closet but somehow EVERYTHING STILL WON’T FIT IN.  Uuuugghhh.  So I decided to let go of things.  I’ve given away sack of clothes, pairs of shoes and even some collections that aren’t worth keeping anymore (letters from ex-boyfriend xx years ago, SERIOUSLY?  LOL.)  Even the mere fact of deciding whether to keep some stuff or not is stressful already.  So yes, I promise to live a simpler life next year.  I don’t have a concrete plan yet taking into consideration how it clashes with my passion for fashion but I’ve got to do it.

4.  Value your job.  Early this year I deliberately avoided blogging about my job-hunting season.  Wow, that was some episode that I would just like to forget if completely possible because of the mild depression it brought me.  Technically, I wasn’t really “jobless” as I went full-time tutoring but all those feelings of worthlessness and incapability were just too crushing for me.  Yes I love teaching but during those times I realized that teaching alone wouldn’t complete me.  It’s something that I would love to do on the side while working on some techie stuffs. ;-)

5.  Beauty has its price and physical beauty is temporary.  This is something superficial for a realization but so is beauty so I might as well include it.  This year my hair’s curls have loosened beautifully from its shorter permed version last year.  My friends all envied it but as you all know from my hair posts this year, it has its price.  I admit that whenever I go through my 2012 pictures, I still think that this has been the best I’ve ever looked in my life.  But with the hairfall problem and a broken heart late this year (lol), I had to revert to my natural look. :-P

Same thing goes for my insanity workout results.  During the first quarter of this year, I believe I’ve got into the best shape I’ve ever been as seen here - an almost flat tummy that I’ve always wanted as blogged here thanks to the pseudo-jobless days. :-P But by the time I started working, I’ve become reckless and lost everything I worked hard for.  Damn.  Early this month, I went back to the same military fitness training and efforts were doubled as of late in preparation for some sexy time on the beach next week.  Har.  Maintaining a physique is always a work in progress.  I’ve also learned to become more disciplined when it comes to food intake.  Tsk.

6.  Save, save, save.  This is in line with #3 and somehow a new year’s resolution for 2013 but the “pseudo-jobless” days during the first quarter and the house renovation took a toll in my savings.  I was proud that I was able to REALLY CONTROL my shopping urges during the first quarter but all hell broke loose when I got my new job.  Uuuuuggghh!!!  Those three months are the ultimate proof that I can do it.  I know I can do it. So help me God!!! :)))))))  

Have a safe new year y'all.  Cheers to 2013!!! :)

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