Thursday, October 04, 2012

Keep It Short ;-)


This thrifted (errors in Word I know but you'll read a lot of this word in fashion blogs :P) shorts I got in GH is my feature for today.  Easy to just throw in and pair with some pieces for different "lakads".  Here's how I usually wear it.

"Malling".  Obviously taken inside one of the fitting rooms. :))  Also worn in Corregidor trip. :)

"Gym-ing."  Sometimes going to gym can be classified too as mall-ing except for nights like this when the mall is already closed by the time I step out of the club.  One of the dance instructors described it as "sweet" outfit. :-)  Also worn in recent HK trip. :)

"Work".  Oh em gee.  I never thought the day would come.  I'd really really really love to wear this combo at workplace I was just thinking it wasn't appropriate.  But one dress drown Friday (a day before the Corregidor trip), I was just like, whatever I will wear what I want and here's a vanity shot. :)

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