Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dates w/ Liz ;-)


Thankfully she's just one building across my workplace!  In gay lingo, isang tumbling lang siya away from me.  Hahaha!!  I can easily find someone to vent out my frustrations to whenever I'm raging mad with the boys (read: PMS). LOLs!!!! 

So what to expect in chicas sessions like these??  Sweeeeeets overload!!! Hahaha!!

@Chocolate Fire.


@Momo Cafe

I still remember Liz introducing me to her fave drink mojito when we were in Jakarta 2 years ago.  I have flashes on resenting the taste back then but enjoyed it the second time around in Boracay this April.  Since then, it has become my favorite cocktail drink too. ;-)  And the watermelon flavor in Momo really tastes good.  But whoever drinks it on a Friday afternoon??  Hahaha!!!  The waiters were giving us strange look as we ordered the said beverage.  :))

Here's to more indulging sessions with this girl!! Haha! :D

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