Tuesday, July 03, 2012


This restaurant deserves a feature in this blog, simply for being my most favorite haunt for Thai cravings!!!! :D  As per my "googling", I saw only a few write-ups about this food chain and I just simply feel bad.  Well as a disclaimer, I'm no Thai food expert.  Twice the time when I was in Bangkok, I didn't really explore much their food.  So I can't really say that I love their cuisine.  

Now it all changed when we tried this local restau Soi in Robinson's Manila one fine Saturday after gym.  I often see some of my gym friends "check-in" here post work-out.  It must be healthy I suppose. :P  

Before I would often pass up this quaint restaurant because its elegant design made me think that it's a bit expensive.  But I love everything here though, a purple motif and a minimalist design. ;-)  

Another disclaimer, I haven't tried all their dishes here.  As a matter of fact, out of the four times that we were here, this is what we've always been ordering.  Hehehe. :P

Spring roll, chicken pandan and sweet and sour fish fillet.  They're no extraordinary dishes but I love the tangy taste of the dips and sauces.  That for me is what distinguishes it from all the others.  And I also love how authentic their Thai milk tea is.  :)  

Perhaps next time I will try their other notable dishes.  It just feels so bad to eat a lot after spending two to three grueling hours in the gym.  Anyway, you can check out their branches in Robinson's Manila, Greenhills and Mall of Asia. :)  Never has their tagline been more true for me - Soi.  Eat Thai, Love Thai. :)


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