Saturday, June 30, 2012

Your Not So Bag Lady

As you might have noticed already, I'm not so much of a bag person.  I've some friends who like to collect designer bags but it's not my thing.  Sure I dream of owning a classic Chanel bag someday and that is to pair up with my another dream - the black Louboutin pumps. :))  Simply put, I love shoes more. :P  For some can't afford IT bags, I rely on stores like Charles n Keith for some good replica.  But once in a while, I do appreciate some good cheap bag purchases and my recent one would have to be this:

This camel bag was purchased from a local shop Cole Vintage.  It costs less than a thousand bucks but I don't know 'coz to my eyes they have the potential of looking "expensive" with the proper ensemble.  Perhaps I chalk it up to its volume and color. :)

This is how I dressed it up last Thursday. :)

And I can accessorize it up too sometimes. ;-)

And what was jangling in my arms then,

Another late #fabfriday post.  'Ope you're all enjoying the weekend. :D

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