Friday, July 27, 2012

Shoe Garnish :)


Although I wanna be known more than just a girl who lurves accessories, still I found it flattering when somebody remembers you as that.  About a month ago, an ex-colleague whom I haven't had a communication in a long time (she now lives in Japan - Agnes) PM'd me in FB and recommended to me a website for accessories.  She said when she had stumbled upon it, she instantly remembered me and thought that I might like it.  Haha!  It's not her business or her friend's or anything, she just intuitively knew that I'd like it.  Cute! :)

Same thing with Kevin.  Now first things first.  How did I know Kevin?  LOL!  We never really worked together at Intel since he was from a different department in Arizona.  However if I still remember it correctly we had common friends in what was then known as errr "Friendster" (a girl from the IE department) and had become an "online contact" since then. :P  From time to time he'd chat, comment in my blog and like a post in FB.  Of course he's not privy to who my friends are (Lisa) and last month they had a chance to meet together in..... California!  Liz had a business trip (and a side sight-seeing one *winks*).  Yeah I know he's waiting for me to visit the!

Anyway, same thing, he knows how I like shoes so much and when he found out this website about shoe garnishes he thought I might be interested.  I checked the website but they don't deliver in PH so no sense of checking it out further.  :P  Of course, it's a Filipino thing to ask for gifts from people (or maybe it's just me, haha!) so I was expecting something from him. :P  And he gave me this shoe embellishments from Mixxi which I think can be used for my black Zara pumps. :P

Thank you so much Kevin for taking care of Liz and for the gift. :)  I hope you can visit PH one day so I can have another gift.  Haha!! :D

Happy weekend everyone. :)

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