Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bali Adventures: Kopi Luwak Farm


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the luwak coffee bean.  According to Wiki (and as what we observed), it is indeed one of the world's most expensive coffee.  Kopi Luwak as what they call it in Indonesia is produced from the beans of the coffee berries eaten by the civet cat (an imprecise term according to the said site :P) and which has maintained its shape after passing through the animal's intestines when defecated.  Aw! Haha!!  Or rather...ewww..Hahaha!!

I once studied a web news with my Japanese student about the world's most bizarre food (this and our local balut included) and I was proud to say that I've tried this but not our very own balut.  :P  Of course in the coffee farm we got the chance to observe how the beans were washed, sun-dried, roasted and brewed.  

the civet, the beans and the finished product
They had other products up for free taste but they charge you for the luwak coffee.  I was just too curious that I had to try it.  Once again, our group was divided since it's the same four of us (who watched the Bali dance) who were the only ones experimental enough in trying the coffee. ;-)  We even felt like there was a ritual of luwak coffee tasting as we all gather in the table, mixing the coffee using cinnamon stick and taking a sip in silence while all the others are expecting the reaction.  Haha!  Yes, the luwak coffee is less bitter but there was hmmm nothing extraordinary for me when it comes to the taste.  I preferred their cocoa more. :))  The best part for me during the visit was trying most of their chocolates available in the shop.  Hahaha!!

And that concludes our quick coffee break for our 2nd day in Bali.

After this, the driver then took us all to.......................

Ubud market where Julia Roberts shot her scenes in Eat, Pray, Love and where I died and went to beads accessory heaven.  HAHAHA!!!

...to be continued...

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