Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So okay I'm a new Android phone user since I work now for an IT company that focuses on mobile apps and I'm just too amazed with all the possibilities one can do with this phone. :P  I'm making some updates based on the famous applications that I'm always using in my handset. ;-)


So my brother's new afternoon TV show premiered today.  Anybody seen it? :P  Catch the trailer below.  Denise Laurel is soooooooo beautiful.  A love story between a teacher and a student.  Hmmmm, interesting enough for you? :P

Pic Collage!!

Last week I had the chance to meet up with my Makati girls for Magic Mike movie.  Hahaha!!!  Too bad Joy wasn't able to come (she's a bit busy for her wedding preps :p) but still I got the chance to meet her last week when she visited the HTC office. ;-)


Who doesn't love this app??  Every effect is just too beautiful you don't even need DSLRs anymore.  Kidding. :P  And I'm thankful for some widgets which enable the display of my photos here in my blog. :P  Here's a recent vanity shot.

Learn Japanese!!

Okay, so I got this app months ago but I just started to take studying Japanese seriously last week.  I know now quite a few phrases.  Watashi wa sukoshi Nihonggo ga hanesemasu!! :))  I believe I have the chance of getting familiarized with this language more since I interact a lot with Japanese students.  My target is to be fluent by the end of this year.  Hmmmmmmmm.....I'd need a lot of help from my Japanese friends for that.  Haha!!

Oh just think of the many applications you can develop and be the first one to conceptualize it!!  I think that's pretty awesome!!! :D

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