Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SG - Mar '12


Waaaah, whatever happened to Bali???? Anong petsa na and I haven't blogged about it yet!!! Ayayay!!!  But first let me tell you what happened in SG first okay??  

I don't know who to blame (I did book the flights lol!) but Randolph and I had an earlier flight on Saturday going back to Singapore.  :-|  So while the rest of them were having beach activities and some pampering back at Bali, we I decided to check out the mall H&M and asked Randolph to come with me. :P  Keber!  The first H&M mall just opened in Orchard Road and needless to say I was egggziiited to check it out.  After dropping off our things at Edgefield Plains and playing with baby Miles...........

Deym, I left H&M empty-handed (everything's too pricey and there were a lot of people!!!!) and the worst thing was I waited for Randolph for thirty minutes outside the shop because he had to fit his shirts, queue for payment and everything!!  Aaaaaaaaaccccckk!!!

Sunday morning - ran with Mac and Randolph for the 2xU Compression Run blogged here.

Had a late lunch after the run in a hawker in Edgefield, this is my combo meal with all my favorites included - Ban Mian, Kaya Toast and Teh Tarik!!!  Aaaaaah, so good!!!!

Played with baby Miles again.  I swear Baby Miles is so easy to babysit!!!  He just coolly laughs at all my make faces and sound mimicking. :))  Soooooooooo cuuuuuutttttttteeeeeee!!!! :)

With barely enough sleep, we hopped on over to Joan's very posh condominium in Yishun for a pool party.  The three of us (Randolph, Carissa and I) traveled from the Philippines to SG and here's how many of our friends who are already working there.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Missing in the photo above are Ali (arrived late) and Mac who took it.  See??  There's a bunch of 'em in there and very rare are opportunities like this.  Sigh.  But it's so nice to see us almost complete again!!! :)

Plok cooked some yummy pasta, we had some pizza ordered too and some pink drinks! ;-)

Our outfit's theme - we <3 _______. ;-)

Of course, the pool party was initiated by the three swimming addicts.  Hahaha!!

And the unforgettable words of Ali to me upon arriving around 10PM in the condo were,

"O, ibang swimsuit na naman?"  (You're in another swimsuit again??? )



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