Friday, April 06, 2012

Fitness Friday: SG 2XU Compression Run

Run out of the country - cheeeeeeeeeeeck!!!!!    

This is one of my goals when it comes to running - to be able to do it out of the country.  Okay, I admit the other one is running a full marathon. :P  Two months ago when my friend Mac had learned that we'll be extending in SG after our Bali trip, he immediately invited me to join this run.  It was a very good timing, like hitting two birds with one stone but by the time I was ready to register online, it had already closed. L

Upon the couple Mac and Xiela's arrival in Bali (they arrived the night and missed the first day's itinerary), they informed me that one of our college friends backed out from the run and that perhaps I can borrow his race kits. :P  I was jumping with excitement at the thought until I realized I didn't bring my pink trainers with me.  Luckily, another one of our friends Plok has the same shoe size as mine - a ten! :P  She said she can lend me her trainers and that's it!!!  This is just too much of a coincidence, hahaha!!  Did you know that it is very hard for me to find someone who shares my feet size? :P  Even without practice in the treadmill, it had me anticipating the run!  

My friend Randolph was happy about his luck too. :P  The night before the run, we learned that our friends Bong and Lyka (who were supposed to be with us in Bali if they hadn't booked the wrong month, a very bad case of miscommunication, haha!) backed out too.  He can run for Bong and I will run for Lyka.  He can't believe that the trainers he got on sale from his UK trip will be finally used for a run, haha!!  So fast forward to the day of the run, here's a picture of us after the event at Nicoll Highway MRT station:

Randolph, Mac and I

I experienced that runs in SG start quite late - 7 AM.  No wonder, after 3 KM I was already sweating buckets. :P    I had hoped to find some familiar faces during the run and yes I did. ;-)  It isn't a small world for runners.  Hehe.  I tried my best to make an improved record from my last 10K but I was too exhausted and sleep-deprived.  I figured, 1 hr and 8 mins isn't that bad. :)

Look at my first medal for my first run of the year:

I'm very grateful to my friends for making this run happen.  To my friend Lyka, thank you for the race kit and to my friend Plok, thank you for the trainers. :)  Special thanks also to our college friend Jec who I met the night before to borrow the 15K race kit but unfortunately, the guy's race bibs had some distinction and I might not be allowed to run if I used his. :P  Thanks to Mac too! :P

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