Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Precious Hearts Romances "HIYAS" will finally be aired starting May 28 on Kapamilya Gold.  Starring Zanjoe Marudo, Megan Young, (insert all the other artists) and Lemuel Pelayo.  Hahaha!!!  In fairness, he was included in the billing and that's all that matters. :P

At 2:13, I always find it funny when Lem has fighting scenes, wahaha!!  This was filmed even before Angelito days.  Those days when my brother would go home with those ink in his limbs and would ask me and Mama to remove it with alcohol.  PA lang ang peg??  Hehe.  If you have time, please catch the show in the afternoon. ^_^  Pelayo represent!!! :))


Marta Martins ♥ said...

love it !

CaseyCakes said...

thanks! :)