Friday, May 25, 2012

Green Days!

As far as I know coral was pronounced color of the year.  But I don't know why it feels like it's more of green to me.  Been hoarding stuffs in this hue recently. :)

Above:  Sheer top from Tomato.  I'm loving sheer recently and the effect of perfumes on 'em.  Smells different than in any other clothes texture, haha!  Green shoes from Dorothy Perks, old bag from vj-style and   dress from Dorothy Perkins.  See?  Even my curtain at the back is in mint!  And I love the drama of it in the morning sunshine. ^_^

A Saturday overtime in the office wearing my sheer skirt from Bangkok.  You can see the server room behind me, haha!  Even interesting photos that I've recently captured were in this shade - the bear from Harrod's in Suria KLCC and some macaroons from the hotel lounge. :)

Outfit post fresh from the oven.  Black dress from Dorothy Perkins (jeez, I should just change my name to this noh? Haha!); the necklace from Diva featured last time and some accessories - a pouch/wallet I bought all the way from Boracay and some mint nail polish that I haven't really used until now.  Sigh, am so busy these days. 0_0

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Tiana said...

you are so lovely! i love your hair and your style :)
tiana of l'esthetique

CaseyCakes said...

thank you.. :)