Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Family Reunion


Back to the very same place we went to two years ago at Bagac, Bataan for our family reunion last week. :)

It took about less than 3 hrs drive from Manila.  Here's a collage of my Dadan moments.  Left photo's perfect caption:  "Anaaaak siya ang tatay mo."  HAHAHA!!!  He was just awakened from his sleep and I was trying to cheer him up through a photo-op with one of his fave TVCs and that is of Xian Lim's float for McDo.  LOL!

2nd:  On the road photo w/ Lem and 3rd: Babysitting Dadan by the beach
I've got a lot of nephews and nieces na through my cousins.  Dadan I believe is the youngest among them and it is a good time for him to meet them including those who live in Bataan.  When I introduced him to them though, he was in a good mood playing along to my requests to sing songs for them - you and me sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, walking on sunshine (Xian Lim's song for McDo), walang-kamatayang Barney songs (lol!) and dance to Nicki Minaj's SuperBass with me singing (and rapping ehem, ehem.  LOL!)

With Ericka; My nieces and nephews; Male cousins from Bataan; Titas from Bataan
And the thing about these nieces is, they're all soooo grown up already.  Most of them are already in their teens (through our eldest cousin in my mother's side).  Take for example Ericka (girl with me on the left photo above), I can still remember playing with her when she was I think 2 or 3 years old???  She used to be called Kang-Kang then.  Gosh, what is it with repeating household nicknames for Filipinos??  And please don't even start to ask about mine.  LOL!  Back then every Saturday, I'd play with her in their house after my Bible study and she'd bawl everytime I go home.  I was only in high school then I believe and I remember crying too on my way home thinking she's such in a pitiable state because  she has no playmates or whatsoever.  Seriously, what was I thinking then???  WAHAHA!!!  Although I only play with her every weekends, our bond became so close until it came to the point that she's already calling me Mama.  Awww.  I felt guilty for her mom (cousin-in-law) so I decided to detach myself. :(  Now, look at her she's all grown up as a pretty lass.  Man, I feel so ancient.  Waaaaaah!!!! :))

Ma & Kuya's family; my couz's cute green van; with another couz Regine;
a solo photo of me; perfect for summer - Indian mango & my couz's pet

Thankfully with Lem around our family is complete but we had to stay only for a day because of some commitments.  (He was MIA 2 years ago and the price he had to pay this time is some serious photo-ops from some distant relatives under the sun, LOL!!)  Only Ma and Pa were left there on the second day.  So, I missed the activities last time wherein I jumped from the cliff and swam with the jellyfish (ick!). Blogged here.  :))  We were able to meet some other cousins also who arrived at night and joined a bit for some videoke bonding.  If there's something about this side of my family though, THIS is the side where everyone is TALENTED when it comes to S-I-N-G-I-N-G.  Nobody backs down on this craft on this side of the fam.  Haha!!  And I found it sweet how my aunts would be bothered every now and then that I might get bored because the machines can only be set-up at night.  Aww, I love my Titas.  Hahaha!!!

I hope uncles would arrange for this thing to become something like a yearly event.  And I hope next time would be a much more complete family reunion. :)


Tisha said...

I have nieces who are working. One is a 5'11" model with PMAP. Another has a kid. So technically may apo na ako. Ancient kung ancient!

CaseyCakes said...

Really?? You must be a proud tita then. :)