Friday, March 09, 2012


Prolly the only reason why I'm holding on to my long locks even though I want to experiment on yet another "shorter look" this year is this [well, apart from the possibility of getting married anytime this year (married??? Sabeeeehh??? Hahaha!!!)] - hair photography.

I don't know there's just something fascinating about hair flip photography and I want to do something like that one day.  Aaah I hope couz Wil comes home but he's busy with his lovelife.  Hahaha!!!  These photos were captured yet again from my favorite fashion blog sites. :)  


Photo from here
This one's a rather haunted-theme look again from Doina of The Golden Diamonds.

And this last one's my favorite look.  I ain't sure if it's Rachel Mc Adams.  Looks like her noh?  I think this is pretty much achievable what with my coral lipstick and permed hair.  I hope I can try this one day.  Haha!!

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