Friday, March 09, 2012

Fab Friday: MINI


This one's a Question from Reader.  Naaaaaaks naman, hahaha!!  Sorry for seeing your question too late from the chatbox, Min's inquiring about my green Celine-ish mini bag which I featured last time.

I got it from this website. -  It's also where I got the huge black bag. :)  I had it delivered to Singapore because they don't ship packages here in Manila.  Boo hoo. :,(  They  only had it in green color although in fashion websites, I see red, yellow and aaarrrrgh pink!!!

It's too fashionable and iconic.  Here's one cute way of sporting it. :)

This is what's inside this model's bag.

You see, I like huge bags because I can just throw things inside whenever I'm in a hurry (which always happen by the way, haha!!).  But even if it's just a mini-bag, you can still put a lot of things inside.  Here's what mine would contain. :)

Stay fabulous this weekend!!! xx

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