Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Inspirations

Wanna spice up your black pumps by giving it a "Louboutin"-feel?  I found this video in Youtube about a really simple DIY-tutorial using nail polishes. :)

It really sounds simple you know!  I only have one pair of black pumps - my ever trusty Zara pointy ones (worn in the post below this) and the thing is, I am not so confident about my uhmmm artistic talents ya know.  I don't wanna end up ruining them.  Yay!  According to the tutorial, you should atleast experiment with it using a cheap pair and we all know you cannot combine Zara and cheap into just one sentence right? :))  I still remember how I had to reserve for it in Rockwell (yes, I'm the queen of reservation lol!) and take a detour on my way home just to pick it up. XD

But recently, I actually wanna ditch that red lacquered sole thing and go for this instead.  Daaaaaaaraaaaaaan!!

Aaaah beautiful isn't it?  I got it from this post and she detailed the step by step procedures.  Shining, shimmering, splendid soles!!  Aylavet!!!  And as I type this, I remember I have another Charles & Keith black rounded pumps and I might just work on it.  (Yes, sometimes I'm like "oh yeah, I have this shoes! XD").  But now that the guinea pig is identified, I have to find the time to do it.  Yikes!

Speaking of Zara shoes, I found another DIY using that brand of shoes from another blog.  (To the owner of these photos, I am sooo soo sorry for putting the link coz I lost you but I really do acknowledge that this isn't my photo.  Sooorrry!!!)  All you need are just a few stones, a glue and voila!!!

Cute isn't it??  And it works best on a vibrant color shoes I guess.  I remember how my friend Joy also did the same to her black flats using the stones on her broken bangles. :)  I think this is amazing.  How come I am missing on all these "creativity" thing??  I'm just so used to buying. :(  This is such an eye-opener. :P

For my last example, I would have to say that I am not so sure if this is a DIY.  I mean, really an embellished Birkin bag?  I am not an expert on this brand but we all know it costs more than an arm and a leg (or prolyl all the limbs in my body lol!) that I had to inhale sharply when I saw this picture.  Did she really customize her Birkin bag with those Swarovski crystals? Gasp!

With an extravagant bag like that, I don't think I could do it.  But then again, I don't think I would EVER own that bag in my ENTIRE life.  LOL! :))

Anyway, I hope I was able to inspire those creativity in you and let me know whatever DIY projects that you're cooking. ;-)

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