Friday, March 23, 2012

Chain Me

New In- Chain Necklace!!  For all the basic photography lessons I took, I still don't know how to capture it nicely hence I just combined it will all my other glistening accessories. :)

And if you are wondering what's that ring in between my Cleopatra-like necklace, it is actually this - a snake ring from Aldo.  I got it on a discount because my Bench card already reached the uhmmm required points.  I'm still on a shopping rehab. :))

Wore 'em for a lunch date with A in Korea Garden. :)  He said my bangles and accessories reminded him of the Persian women. :P  He also briefly recounted about the time when he had to work as a salesman in one of his relatives' jewelry shop back there.  And as I would've guessed, he worked his charm successfully to the ladies. >_<

Months of dating and still I couldn't be myself with him.  I was entertained by the thought that it looked like we almost talked about what to wear that day.  He was wearing also a printed black and white shirt, shorts and black sneakers.  I'd really love to have a photo of us standing but decided against it. :P  As for my case, my outfit inspiration that time was  Olivia's leggy look in one of the Paris fashion shows.

I know, I know.  Juxtaposing my photo with Olivia P. only highlights how incapable I am of being like her, lol!  I just had to comment from the blog where I got the photo that even if I have the same exact clothes as she was wearing I can never carry it the way she did. XD  Aaaargh Olivia!! :))

Keep Calm and Excess-orize!!!  Have a fashionable weekend!! :D

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