Sunday, January 01, 2012

Red & Green

Red chunky platforms from Forever 21 paired with shades of green pedicure. ;-) Those shoesies are just in, I had to plead with the manager to uhmm hold them for me.  Around 12 noon last year's Wednesday, I was in their branch in Makati trying something of that in my size then just had to leave for a meeting and it was gone by the time I came back. XD  So, had to call up the other branch at Megamall and apparently, they only hold reservation for a day.  A.  DAY!!!!  (Ako na, ako na ang queen of reservation.  Hahaha!!!)

I like that they're super light.  And I believe it's pair-able with anything.  I love shoes but I'll try my best to be sensible when it comes to choosing styles this year before my sprawling shoe collections nudge that of Imelda-Marcos' proportions. :))

Green dress from Dorothy Perkins paired with some cranberry shade of lips. ;-)  I think for 2012 I will try to be a little bit experimental when it comes to cosmetics.  I didn't realize how dramatic (talagang dramatic??) a strong lips could be until I switched shade of lipstick to coral last year.  :P  And now I'm not used to wearing my regular chocolate shade.  LOL!!

Well so far, those are the only things I think of changing this year. :P  Those that I can think of from my red and green photos.  Wehehe!!  Let's all hope for an even better 2012!!  Cheers!! :)

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